Plinko Game Online
Plinko Game Online

Plinko Best Guide 2024: What You Need to Know to Win

Plinko, the game that happens in “The Price is Right,” the American reality show, is well-known worldwide. The player falls on a small disc or a ball on a board organised as an equilateral triangle containing some ropes. All the various rewards are situated at the board’s end, and if the Plinko ball lands on the right one, the player elephant is the loser, whichever way. Online casinos make Plinko more playable by offering the same rules, better interfaces, and higher payouts. This article provides a guide on participating in the Plinko game online and some strategies for improving your chances of winning.

What Is the Plinko Online Game?

The game of Plinko is simple and has an extraordinary concept that is easy to understand and familiar with for the first time.

 Here’s a Breakdown of How

  • Bet Amount: Before starting, decide your wager size using the bet amount option. Once you set the amount and click “Bet,” the game begins.

  • Plinko Ball: This is the ball you drop. Depending on the provider, you may need to click or hold to release the ball.

  • Pins or Colors: In versions like Spribe Plinko, there are three colours—Red, Yellow, and Green. You choose a colour, and the ball lands on multipliers associated with that colour.

  • Multipliers: At the bottom of the board, you’ll see rows of multipliers ranging from 0.2x to 1000x. Your winnings depend on where the ball lands.

  • Auto Play: The “Auto” feature allows you to place bets automatically, customise your wager size, and disable it anytime. The Plinko online game typically has a 97% RTP, making it a lucrative player option.

Online Plinko Game Rules & How to Play

The rules of the Plinko game online are simple, making it accessible even in low bandwidth settings and adaptive to various devices.

Here Are the Steps to Play Spribe Plinko, with Slight Variations in Other Versions 

  1. Set a Budget: Decide your betting amount for each round before the game starts.

  2. Choose a Colour: Select one of the colours (Red, Yellow, or Green), each with different multipliers.

  3. Drop the Plinko Ball/Disc: Click on the chosen colour to drop the ball. The ball will bounce off various pegs, shifting direction and adding excitement.

  4. Landing on Multipliers: The ball will eventually land on a multiplier. Your bet amount multiplied by this number determines your winnings.

  5. Prepare for the Next Round: After each round, your winnings are added to your wallet instantly. Adjust your bet amount or colour choice for the next round.

Plinko Game Tips & Tricks

While there’s no guaranteed way to win every time, these tips can improve your betting experience and help you win more consistently.

  1. Bet with a Small Amount: Start with smaller bets and increase them gradually. This strategy allows you to experiment without risking large amounts of money. By beginning with small bets, you can understand the game’s dynamics and develop a betting strategy that suits your risk tolerance without significant financial exposure.

  2. Use Multi Bet or Multi Drop Option: Many players are unaware they can place multiple bets or drop multiple balls simultaneously. This increases the chance of hitting various multipliers as the balls interact on the board. Utilising the multi-drop feature can lead to more frequent payouts and allows you to diversify your bets across different outcomes, enhancing your overall winning potential.

  3. Don’t Stick to the Same Colour: Each colour has a different multiplier arrangement. Vary your colour choices to explore all possible winning combinations. Sticking to one colour limits your exposure to other potentially lucrative multipliers. By changing colours, you can discover which combinations work best for you and adapt your strategy to maximise your winnings over time.


The Plinko game online offers an easy-to-play, thrilling experience with the potential for high rewards. Understanding the game mechanics, setting a budget, and employing strategic tips can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, Plinko’s blend of simplicity and excitement makes it a must-try in live casino online games. Practice with demo versions, experiment with different strategies, and you’ll be mastering the Plinko board in no time.

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