Maldives Magic: A Guide to Planning Your Dream Gateway

Did you ever visit the maldives? People from all around the world come to visit this amazing tourist destination. This is an ideal destination for every type of tourist if it offers something for everyone from relaxing opportunities to a party environment and adventurous activities. Are you from the UK and looking to escape your hectic life routine? If yes, look no further than maldives. You can spend your time doing amazing things. In this blog, you can learn everything about your trip from the UK to Maldives in detail with tips and tricks. So, let’s dive into the detailed information about Holidays to Maldives from UK.

Accommodation Options

Are you worried about your stay in the maldives? If yes, then dont worry because Maldives offers numerous options to stay for tourists. Some tourists prefer to stay at all-inclusive resorts for a stress-free trip. Luxury All inclusive Siyam Resort is indeed a good option to stay in the maldives. There are also guest house options to stay.


The Best Time to Visit Maldives

From November to April most tourists come to Visit the Maldives. The climate is warm and tropical during these months.  And the temperature remains from 29 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius during these months. The peak season starts from January to April and during these months the weather is mostly humid. After keeping these things in mind you can decide whether of your choice to spend your holidays from Maldives to UK

Getting There

You can find direct flights from London International Airport to Male International Airport.  Flight time from the UK to the maldives is approximately 10 hours if you take direct flights. But if there are stops it can take more than ten hours to reach Maldives. Apart from direct flights, there is also an option of connecting flights. In this way, you can arrive in the maldives to spend your holidays to Maldives from UK conveniently.

Maldivian History

Maldives islands were inhabited in 1500 BC. It was converted into Islam under the influence of Arabs. After this, the rulers of the maldives were known as Sultans. So, are you interested in knowing about  Maldives history interests and culture? Sri Lanka and South India have so much influence on Maldivian culture. Maldivian cuisine is a world-famous cuisine. Roshi is the traditional dish in the maldives that people love to try. The religion of the maldives is Islam and they dont allow wine in public places. You can drink at resorts but it can be quite expensive. Holidays to maldives from UK are a good opportunity to make priceless memories.

Things to Do in the Maldives

There are many things to do and many attractions to see in the maldives. You cannot get bored during your holidays to Maldives from UK.


This activity can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals over there. Interestingly, some resorts offer you surf camps for your kids so that they could learn the surfing. They perform this activity under the instructions of professionals. There are also adult surf centers where they can learn and enjoy surfing. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to enjoy surfing during your holidays to maldives from UK. Are you excited to try this?


There are many beaches in the maldives where you can relax and enjoy. These are famous because of their stunning views and soft white sand. There are also beach bars near the beaches where you can make your evenings special. There are also lounge chairs and changing rooms at some beaches. All the beaches are not bikini beaches so keep in mind that at private beaches you cannot go in bikini.


This is another entertaining thing to do in the maldives. This is also known as paraskiing and parakiting. This is a must-do activity in the maldives if you love to do something adventurous and entertaining. In this activity, you can enjoy an aerial view of the sea waters. This is indeed a good opportunity to make your holidays to phuket from UK memorable.

Tips and Tricks to Visit Maldives

  • UK citizens get visa-free entry to the maldives for 30 days. But if you want to stay more you need a visa and can get further information about this from travel companies.
  • Make sure your required vaccination is completed before you leave for the departure.
  • You can take cash with you to avoid ATM charges. But US dollars are also accepted over there.
  • You dont have to worry about the language barrier because English is widely spoken there so you can communicate with anyone in English there.
  • Respect the sacred places and cover your body when you visit them.

Summing it up!

In a nutshell, holidays to maldives from UK are indeed a great opportunity to make unforgettable memories. Maldives is famous for its beautiful landscape and water activities. Its beaches play an important role in attracting tourists from all around the world. This is also the most favorite tourist destination for couples. Get ready and enjoy the tour


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