How to Send Free Group eCards for Any Occasione

Indeed, sending electronic cards is currently one of the most common practices to congratulate a group of people on any event. Specifically, eCards may be used to celebrate birth dates, wedding anniversaries, graduations, or even a mere thank you; they definitely make the day for the recipients. On the bright side, most of the above-listed platforms has free uses, meaning that it is Hello World for everyone. The following steps will take you through the procedure of sending free group ecards for any occasion and express your feelings of love, appreciation and celebration with friends and families.

Why Choose Group eCards?


As with most things, Group eCards are extremely easy to use. They can be fired anytime from anywhere hence making the issue of cards and postage inconsequential. It is particularly helpful for short notice events or for people more close who are located in a different state.


A lot of platforms related to eCards have a lot of freedom in choosing the appearance of the card. It is fitting to include loving messages, pictures, and even brief moving clips that say something about the occasion. This personal aspect makes the receiver of such a message feel valued and is an excellent way to begin a conversation.


Recording cards is a technique of offering greetings that does not cause harm to the environment. This cuts on paper usage, hence lowering the channel’s impact on the environment especially through mailed physical copies. For those persons who would mind the effects of their actions on the surroundings, eCards are a good option.


Free eCard cut down all the expenses like buying as well as mailing a conventional card. It also means that group, compared to an individual eCard, can be created with the help of many people for no extra cost.

How to Forward Free Group eCards

1. Choose the Right Platform

Many of the sites and services that have free eCards specifically target group greetings and the sending of eCards in groups. Some popular options include:


Sendwishonline. com: Generally recognized for the multiple selections of the group eCards that one can personalize.

GroupGreeting. com: Enables many people to sign a single card.

Kudoboard. com: Creates the format of a message board in which they can send messages, photos, and videos.

2. Select the Occasion

Nearly all eCard platforms sort out cards based on the occasion, to help you find a suitable card for a friend. Common categories include:




Thank You

Get Well Soon

Such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the likes, as well as other minor celebrations.

3. Customize the eCard

After you’ve chosen the occasion, it is time to change definitions of the card. Here’s how you can make it special:Here’s how you can make it special:

Add Personal Messages: Pen down personal messages for the recipient. If it is in a group, then different people can continue the note: someone can add their own.

Upload Photos and Videos: This will make the card much more interesting to the audience by including photos and videos to the information given. This is especially useful when it comes to taking photos of people and particularly for moments that one would like to capture and treasure.

Choose a Design: Most of the platforms come with different designs/ themes. There should be a good selection process to choose the best one depending on the occasion and the personality of the recipient.

4. Collect Contributions

With regard to group eCards, contribution collection from several members is the main priority. Fortunately, most of them have designed this in a way that it can be easily shared with the contributors through a link provided in the platforms. Here’s how to manage this process:

Share the Link: Email/WhatsApp/Share on the social media platform all the participants the link to the meeting.

Set a Deadline: Make sure that all the people involved get adequate time to type their messages and to upload the pictures. This ensures that the process is controlled since it creates a deadline through which most of the work will be accomplished.

Monitor Contributions: To supervise that each participant contributes his ideas, monitor the contributions section. Some of the platform will give YOU a notification when somebody added their note.

5. Finalize and Send

The last step is to gather all the contributions and subsequently publish the eCard out to your recipients. Check if all the messages have been included on the card and if there is anything that has not been typed correctly. Here’s how to complete the process:Here’s how to complete the process:

Review the Card: Hunt for any spelling mistakes that could be there or any missing message that may have not been included. Make sure the card was made and looks precisely the kind of card that you wanted it to be.

Add Final Touches: On some platforms, they get to include things such as a message to close the email or an email signature.

Send the eCard: Simply type the email address of the recipient and you can then send the card. Some platforms also have the feature of choosing delivery on the day and at the time convenient for the user.

Group ecards are great for creating beautiful and meaningful greetings; here are some tips to follow when creating one.

1. Start Early

If it is begun early it provides all the participants enough time to write their messages to be placed on the card as well as having it ready on time. It also cuts down on the amount of work that remains to be done in the last hours before the start of the actual trade.

2. Encourage Creativity

Ask participants to be as inventive as possible when sending their text messages. Trivial narrative and spirit, gossip and joke, and even emotions enrich the eCard and make it even more enjoyable.

3. Use High-Quality Image and Notion

Make sure that the photos and videos are clear and of good quality. Not sharp images or low-quality images can actually affect the appearance of the eCard in a negative way.

4. Coordinate Themes

If possible opt to follow a theme when coordinating with the contributors. This could be based on the interests of the recipient, the occasion or the general theme colour that has been set.

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