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In today’s blog post, we will cover the packaging guide for your clothing brand. Packaging is one of the most important ways to elevate your brand experience. If you’ve shopped with Louis Vuitton or other luxury brands, you’ve probably noticed how impressive their unboxing experience is. It’s due to the use of custom apparel packaging that increases the perceived value of an item. It allows luxury brands to charge a higher price. 

Although not everyone is aiming to build the next Louis Vuitton, there are some packaging essentials every brand should consider. 

Clear polys frosted with handles

The first thing on my list is a clear poly bag. If you’ve purchased clothing online, you’ve likely noticed that your garment came in some clear plastic wrap. 

Here’s an example of what a clear poly looks like.

Some brands use clear polys with no writing at all, while others might include details like item type, size, and brand. Clear polys add an extra layer of protection when shipping garments and enhance the perceived value. Receiving a garment not in a clear poly might give the impression it’s been used. Clear polys are essential for elevating your brand experience. You can find these on Amazon, TCP, and JCP. You must try THE CUSTOM PACKAGING Wholesale if you want it at a better price. For a more premium fee, frosted polys are my personal favorite.

Recycled and Recyclable Materials

Using recycled materials for your packaging is a great way to minimize your environmental footprint. Recycled poly mailers, cardboard boxes, and even hang tags can show your brand’s dedication to sustainability. Ensure that your packaging is also recyclable to encourage customers to dispose of it responsibly.

Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging is another excellent option. Materials like biodegradable poly mailers and compostable bags break down more easily in the environment. These materials can reduce the long-term impact of packaging waste.

Basic and customized poly mailer bags 

Another essential is the poly mailer. Many companies prefer poly mailers over boxes because they’re cheaper and more efficient for packaging. Poly mailers are durable, strong, and weatherproof, making them ideal for shipping garments. They’re cost-efficient and easier to handle than assembling a box. 

Poly mailers can be from any packaging company like custom packaging, but you can also find them on Amazon or Superline. If you want to elevate your brand further, consider custom poly mailers, which can feature your logo or text. These are much like those used by brands like Nike and Amazon.

Stickers for Awareness

Stickers are an obvious way to enhance your brand experience. While it might seem gimmicky, and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Dior might not use them but stickers are popular in streetwear. 

Brands like Supreme and Palace often include stickers, which can be placed on laptops or water bottles, helping to spread brand awareness. Local shops often sell stickers, making them an easy and inexpensive addition to your packaging.

Add Hang tags for a professional look

Hang tags add a nice touch to your brand. They might not be super necessary, but they contribute to a professional look. If you plan to get your clothes into retail stores like PacSun, Zumiez, or Urban Outfitters, hang tags will likely be required. Different stores may have their own requirements or add their hang tags to your garments.

Creative packaging for recognition

Moving into creative packaging, some brands have significantly grown their recognition through innovative packaging. 

For example, some brands package shirts in mason jars or even wrap them like Chipotle burritos. 

Creative packaging is an underrated way to make your brand stand out. A video by Transfer Express goes over different packaging methods for clothing brands, which can be very inspiring for getting creative with your own packaging.

Custom box manufacturers

Regarding custom packaging, I first used Alibaba and a designer from Fiverr or Upwork to create unique packaging for a waffle knit tee. The box was not designed according to my standards. Then I approached the expert team of the custom packaging, and they made me a box the way I wanted it. The box was to resemble an Eggo waffle box, complete with nutritional facts and a QR code linking to our Instagram. 

This level of detail in packaging can significantly enhance the customer experience.


Wrapping up your clothes nicely doesn’t have to be expensive! You can use clear plastic bags to protect your clothes and make them look more valuable. Cardboard mailing envelopes are great for shipping because they’re strong and cheap. Stickers are a fun way to add your brand logo to anything, and hang tags can make your clothes look professional.

But clothes packaging can be even more exciting! You must use unique ideas like mason jars or burrito wrapping. There are even companies that can create custom boxes to match your brand perfectly. Remember, cool packaging can make a big impression and turn a regular shopping experience into something special for your customers!

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