Deciding On Bridesmaid Dress Colours The Perfect Choice

Choosing the right colour for your bridesmaid dresses is a significant decision in wedding planning. The colour sets the tone for your bridal party’s look and complements the overall wedding theme. With countless options available, deciding on the perfect shade can be overwhelming. This guide will help you navigate through the process, ensuring that your bridesmaid dress colour choice enhances your special day.


1. Consider the Wedding Theme and Season

The theme and season of your wedding play a crucial role in determining the colour palette for your bridesmaid dresses.


Spring and Summer Weddings: Light and airy colours are ideal for spring and summer weddings. Think pastels like blush, lavender, mint green, and sky blue. Bright, bold colours like coral, yellow, and fuchsia also add a lively touch to warm-weather celebrations.


Fall and Winter Weddings: Rich, deep colours work best for fall and winter weddings. Jewel tones such as emerald, burgundy, navy, and plum are perfect for creating a cozy, elegant atmosphere. Metallic shades like gold, silver, and bronze also add a touch of glamor to colder season weddings.


Themed Weddings: If your wedding has a specific theme, ensure that your bridesmaid dress colour aligns with it. For example, a beach wedding might feature shades of blue and turquoise, while a rustic wedding could include earthy tones like sage green and terracotta.


2. Match with the Venue

Your wedding venue can greatly influence the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Indoor venues with grand ballrooms might call for more formal and elegant colours, while outdoor venues like gardens or vineyards can accommodate a more relaxed and natural palette.


Indoor Venues: Opt for classic colours like navy, black, deep red, or metallics for a sophisticated look.

Outdoor Venues: Soft, natural colours such as blush, sage, sky blue, and lavender blend beautifully with nature.

3. Complement the Wedding Dress

The colour of the bridesmaid dresses should complement your wedding dress without overshadowing it. If your wedding dress is white or ivory, most colours will pair well. However, if your dress has a unique colour or embellishments, ensure the bridesmaid dresses harmonize with these details.


4. Take Skin Tones into Account

It’s essential to choose a colour that flatters the skin tones of all your bridesmaids. Here are some tips for finding universally flattering colours:


Fair Skin Tones: Jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby are striking on fair skin. Pastels can also be lovely but avoid shades that are too close to the skin tone.


Medium Skin Tones: Almost any colour works well with medium skin tones. Consider rich hues like teal, coral, and bright pinks, which bring out the warmth in the skin.


Dark Skin Tones: Bold colours like royal blue, emerald green, and vibrant yellows look stunning against dark skin. Metallics and bright colours can also be very flattering.


5. Trendy Colour Palettes

Keeping an eye on current trends can inspire your choice. Here are some popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2024:


Sage Green: A soft, natural shade that works beautifully for both outdoor and indoor weddings. It’s versatile and suits many skin tones.


Dusty Blue: A romantic, muted blue that complements many wedding themes, from rustic to modern.


Terracotta: This earthy, warm hue is perfect for fall weddings and pairs well with greenery and neutral tones.


Blush Pink: A timeless favourite that exudes romance and elegance, suitable for spring and summer weddings.


Champagne: A sophisticated and neutral shade that adds a touch of glamor without overpowering other colours in the palette.


6. Mix-and-Match Colours

If you can’t decide on one colour, consider a mix-and-match approach. This trend allows bridesmaids to wear different shades within the same colour family or entirely different complementary colours. This not only adds visual interest but also lets each bridesmaid choose a colour that suits her best.


Same Colour, Different Shades: Choose a colour family (e.g., blue) and let each bridesmaid select a shade that suits her.

Different Colours, Same Tone: Opt for colours with the same undertone, such as jewel tones or pastels, for a harmonious look.

7. Incorporate Wedding Decor

The bridesmaid dress colour should blend seamlessly with your wedding decor. Consider the colours of your flowers, table settings, and overall decor theme. This ensures a cohesive look throughout your wedding.


Flower Arrangements: If your bouquet features specific flowers, choose bridesmaid dresses in colours that complement these blooms.

Table Settings: Coordinate with the colours of your linens, centerpieces, and other decor elements to create a unified aesthetic.

8. Consult Your Bridesmaids

It’s important to involve your bridesmaids in the decision-making process. Their comfort and confidence are paramount. Gather their input on colour preferences and consider a consensus to find a colour that everyone loves.


9. Test Swatches in Different Lighting

Colours can look different under various lighting conditions. Before making a final decision, order fabric swatches and observe them in the lighting of your wedding venue. This helps you see how the colour will appear in photos and in person on the big day.


10. Trust Your Instincts

While trends and advice are helpful, ultimately, your wedding is a reflection of your style and preferences. Trust your instincts and choose a colour that resonates with you and aligns with your vision for the day.



Choosing the right bridesmaid dress colour is a crucial step in creating a cohesive and beautiful wedding. By considering the season, venue, wedding dress, skin tones, and current trends, you can make an informed decision that enhances your wedding’s overall aesthetic. Whether you opt for a timeless classic, a bold statement, or a trendy mix-and-match palette, the perfect bridesmaid dress colour will add to the joy and elegance of your special day. Remember to involve your bridesmaids in the process and trust your instincts to make a choice that reflects your unique style.

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